Fun Facts About Paint

Paint can change a cold space into an inviting room. It can help display your unique personality in your home decor.

But do you know where paint comes from? Here are some fun facts about paint:

Paint Is Over 100,000 Years Old

Talk about a long time to go without getting a makeover! In 2001 and 2004, South African archaeologists found a human-made ochra-based mixture in Blombos Cave. Several years later, another expedition revealed a full primitive tool kit used to make different colors of paint.

Black Is The New Black

Did you know that black was one of the first colors used in art? Black charcoal and iron minerals were used to paint on cave walls.

You Have to Crack An Egg To Make Paint?

Paint used to be made with egg yolk, which helped the paint harden and adhere to a surface.

Technology Makes Creating Colors Easier

The “Machine for Grinding Colors” (yes, that’s the actual name) was invented in 1718 by Marshall Smith. Additionally, it allowed pigment grinding to occur much easier, which helped more people be able to afford to buy paint.

Inventing The Color Wheel

Sir Isaac Newton invented the color wheel. He did it by splitting white sunlight into red, orange, green, cyan, and blue beams. He joined the two ends of the color spectrum together in order to show the progression of colors. Each color had a corresponding note of a musical scale.

Benjamin Moore Was Founded In Brooklyn

Benjamin Moore was founded by the Moore Brothers in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York. When Benjamin Moore began, they only carried one product, “Moore’s Prepared Calsom Finish”, and it was sold through independent retailers.

What Else Is Paint Made Of?

Paint is made up of pigments, which give paints their color and hiding power (the ability of a paint to hide the previous surface of a color).

Paints Can Last

Paints can still be used for 3-5 years, as long as they’re stored properly. In order to do so, avoid placing paint cans on concrete floors because they cause rusting. Also, keep paint cans in rooms with a temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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