Choosing a paint color is a tough decision. The paint color you choose becomes the identity of the room.

Therefore, it’s important to choose paint carefully. With this in mind, here are some questions to ask to learn how to choose the right paint:

What is The Room Used For?

Is the paint being used to redecorate your children’s playroom? Are you painting your dining room? Based on which room you’re painting will help you choose which paint you use. Once you decide which room the paint will be used in, you can figure out which type of finish you want.

What Am I Trying to Express?

What is the personality you’re trying to convey within your home? Do you want a tranquil feeling? Is the goal to promote a lively environment? Choosing your paint color will be based on the mood you’re trying to express.

Is This A Full Redesign?

Does the room have furniture already? Are you starting from scratch to redesign the room? Based on where you are in the process will determine the paint color you buy. Either way, you want to save time while you’re painting, so follow those tips to get the job done quicker.

Can You Test It?

Can you paint a small section of your wall with a color to test it? If so, this is a great way to see whether or not the color will work.

Which Shade is the Right One?

Is this the exact shade of the color you want? Is the color too strong? Remember, you can thin paint to get a lighter shade. Also, thinning your paint allows you to use a spray gun to complete the job quickly.

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